About A J Cousins

I have always had a strong interest in and love of architectural design and decoration. Growing up in Bristol meant I was often surrounded by architectural decoration, especially that of the 19th and early 20th century. At the age of five I was captivated by the marvellous decorative ceiling rose ornaments in Victorian houses and concealed panelled doors covered with hardboard. When an old inglenook was uncovered at a family friend’s 17th century farmhouse, complete with old bottles tucked into the fire opening, I was hooked!

Whilst studying in Bath towards a career in architecture, I found it was specifically old buildings that held my fascination. I altered paths and went on to study Restoration and Conservation at De Montfort University Lincoln, a centre of excellence in this field. Naturally I focused my studies on historic interior restoration. The dramatic richness of period interiors were fascinating to me; resonant with ancient Rome or Medieval England, they told a story and were an artist’s interpretation at a specific point in time.

After graduating I worked throughout the country on decorative interior restoration projects. This furthered my understanding of the history of interior design and theory, use of colour and ornament, construction, materials and application. I also began to develop my own designs, taking inspiration from historical styles.

Today I utilise my extensive knowledge to create contemporary interiors using a wealth of subtle colour to produce harmonious schemes to reflect the client and building story, resulting in truly liveable spaces, conducive to modern life.