Perhaps you require this service because you wish to reinstate lost mouldings, want to recreate a traditional aesthetic within a room, or simply want to divide a bland expanse of wall.

Architectural detailing is typically seen in the use of architraves and skirting and other architectural joinery, but can encompass decorative plasterwork, chimney pieces, and furniture.

Today due to innate decorative beauty, an antique piece of furniture, cast iron fireplace or piece of decorative carving might be used as a work of art in a contemporary setting.

Mouldings often rely on line and shade without ornament, naturally casting pleasing shadows, adding depth and architectural interest their aesthetic potential is obvious. Practical reasons have also made them a necessity traditionally, to hide construction, junctions between differing materials and to protect vulnerable surfaces.

With educated use specific moulding profiles can instantly evoke an historical period. This has obvious uses in renovation projects, but mouldings can be equality utilised in considered contemporary new build.

By helping you to select suitable elements – whether it’s to evoke a sense of period, help restore what you already have, or utilise unique elements in a contemporary scheme – I can help to add architectural interest to your interiors, adding the impact you require.