You may be looking for colour consultancy to help you inject your personality into a home, to uplift a space that has never really worked for you, or because you have lost your way having looked at countless samples. It might be that you wish to alter the way you perceive a space making it feel wider, taller, warmer. You may want to evoke a sense of period, or traditional comfort without over egging it. Getting it right, to produce the desired atmosphere relies on a combination of elements.

Typically this begins with selecting paint colours and finishes, and might be all that you require. However this can also include selecting other decorative surfaces such as countertops, flooring, tiles, glass and wood to create the right mood. Inspiration may stem from a fabric sample, natural stone, favourite piece of furniture, or artwork if this has already been chosen by the client.

Colour has significant consequences in interior design and is much more than simply colour matching as this alone does not always achieve the right ambience. By selecting the right colours and associated ornaments, as well as encompassing other decorative surfaces will help avoid jarring and uncomfortable clashes, resulting in a sophisticated interior.

Whatever your requirements I can help you hit the perfect note. As an independent consultant I am able to consider a wide variety of samples, without selling a specific brand, and thus can adapt to suit a range of projects and budgets.